"Dr. Luo is the best doctor I've ever had in any field. I have seen internists, allergists, gastroenterologists, ent's, hematologists, and immunologists. For many years, these doctors could not help me effectively. I was diagnosed with mastocytocis - a serious autoimmune disorder. I was prescribed many different medications but they only treated the symptoms and had negative side effects.

Dr. Luo helped me to heal and I will be eternelly grateful to her. Not only is she an amazing doctor, but she is kind and compassionate. I had a frightening diagnosis and I don't know where I'd be without her.

Now, not only is my health so much better that my blood tests are completely normal, but because of doctor Luo I now have a beautiful baby boy!!"

---Laura, Chicago, IL

"I first met Dr. Luo after I had been on 4 rounds of intesive chemotherpy and was still on an experimental drug. I was battling a very rare form of cancer - leiomyosarcoma - which had metastacised throughout my torso. I had lost 25 lbs. and was in an extremely weakened state.

I began herbal therapy with Dr. Luo in Feb. and by April I was strong enough to seek out and secure a new job in my field - teaching physical eduation. While I have continued to combine conventional medicine with Chinese medicine, I am absolutely convinced that the herbal therapy I have been receiving from Dr. Luo has created a balance in my system that allows me to keep the cancer controlled.

My cancer has remained stable for the past 4 years and I am no longer taking any conventional medication to control my disease. I have, however, continued my therapy with Dr. Luo and plan on using it for the duration of my disease and beyond. I am totally convinced that her treatment has had a profound affect on my continuing, successful battle with cancer. It has also helped me maintain the healthy, balanced lifestyle that my career demands.

I recommend Dr. Luo with the highest degree of confidence and heartfelt conviction that she has been instrumental in the excellent health I enjoy today"

---Bonnie, Northfield, IL

"My experience with acupuncture and migraines was quite dramatic. I was having severe headaches related to stress and life changes. Some of the migraine episodes were so debilitating that I had to go to the emergency room as a last resort for pain relief because I could not keep any of the oral medications down. During most episodes, all I could do was lie completely still in a dark room with a cool cloth over my eyes. All movement, smell and sound made my stomach upset and my head throb.

After experiencing three horrific episodes over a four-month period of time and missing more than two weeks of work, I visited Dr. Luo at Accucare Clinic. She listened to my story and assessed my symptoms. I was impressed by Dr. Luo’s knowledge of the human body, her understanding of how migraines affected it and her expertise in acupuncture. She was careful to explain the procedure for inserting the needles as well as to help me understand how the treatments would help relieve my headaches and my stress. From the first visit, I noticed that having the needles in helped me begin to relax and feel less tense.

After just 11 treatments, my symptoms were completely eliminated, and I have now had six months without a migraine! I attribute these positive changes to the acupuncture and Dr. Luo’s expertise in treating me. "

---Stacey, Elgin, IL

"I was diagnosed with small cell lung caner in January of 2005. The tumor was the size of an orange wrapped around both main arteries of my heart. After radiation plus chemotherapy, the tumor shrunck, but hit a level and stayed ‘stuck’.

I also had to have those awful white blood cell shorts because the chemotherapy affected my counts.

Since coming to Dr. Luo not only has the tumor shrunk am stable and ‘in remission’. My blood counts have been so good during chemo that I have not had to have the white blood cell shot –AND- my energy has allowed me to continue to working full time throughout treatment. I couldn’t have done this without you Dr. Luo - Thank you!"

---Linda, Itasca, IL

"I first came to Dr. Luo a few years ago for chronic sinus headaches. They subsided after a few sessions. Six months later my husband and I were trying to conceive at age 40. After a few months of acupuncture with Dr. Luo I became pregnant. Now I have a beautiful boy, Peter. Thank you Dr. Luo!!"

---Karin, MD